Macadamia Comercio Global S.A. Paraguay


The primary exporter of macadamia in Paraguay

Macadamia Comersio Global S.A. is a Paraguayan shareholding company and was established in 2013. The company is located in the outskirts of the city Altos in Paraguay.  The main core of business is processing macadamia nuts for export. The export market is North America, Europe and Japan. Our nut suppliers are Paraguayan macadamia producers/farmers. There are some 100.000 macadamia trees in various plantations around the country. Most plantations are young; hence production will increase for many years to come. MCG produces all styles (0 to 8) of macadamia, and crude macadamia oil. The factory was designed and produced by Pinhalense in Brazil. It has a capacity at the moment of 6 tons of raw macadamia nuts per week.

HR and high production quality is essential for the company. MCG operates under strict QA program and in compliance with HACCP standards. Customers are welcome to visit  SGS to see our certificate..

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